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Anonymous FTP:
Anonymous FTP is a method of accessing another computer via an anonymous account using your email address as the password. This is useful if you want to allow unknown users to download or upload files to a public directory.

A browser is a client program that downloads documents and other elements from the server and shows us a web page according to the HTML specification.

These initials stand for “Common Gateway Interface”. It is a programing language used to execute programs (like a page counter) on the server from a web page.

A database is an organized collection of information. On the Internet, it is usually an electronic archive system characterized by the use of fields to retrieve information, come to conclusions and make decisions.

The initials DNS stand for “Domain Name System”. It is the system that identifies each computer as a node in the network using an address protocol that translates domain names to IP addresses and back again.

DNS server:
The DNS server is the computer one uses to access the DNS in order to connect to other computers on the Internet.

Email is mail transmitted electronically by your computer. Your messages are sent instantly to any computer connected to the Internet. It is a very fast and cheap form of communication. It is also possible to send other files or even programs via email.

Forms are useful for collecting information through a web page about clients, friends or just about anything. A form is usually made up of several fields where the user can fill in the solicited information.
Forms are a practical way of gathering information and having it send to your email account.

The initials FTP stand for “File Transfer Protocol”. It is a method of transferring files over the Internet.

Graphics are the elements on a web page that we perceive visually independently if they are in colour or black and white. We usually think of graphics as photos although they could very well be graphic representations of text.

Graphic content:
Graphic content are the images that you employ in your web site to reinforce the ideas provided by the textual content. They can also be just plain old pleasing to the eye.

These initials stand for “Hyper Text Markup Language”. It is the language that permits us to visualize web pages through a browser.

IMAP is a method of retrieving your email messages that reside on the mail server. As your email actually resides on an email server, you can access your email from home or office. There is no need to transfer messages from one computer to another.

Internet is the name given to the collective electronic network of computers and computer networks that are interconnected throughout the world. It started out as ARPAnet of the Department of Defense of the United States of America.

Linux is a computer operating system invented in 1991 by Linus Torvalds.

Mailing Lists:
Mailing lists are a collection of email addresses that represent a group of people with common interests. They are useful if you wish to maintain contact with a certain group of clients or users.

MySQL is a program used in retrieving information from a database. Its powerful integration with PHP has converted it in THE database software for the Internet.

Pages (web pages):
Web pages is the term we use for what we see in the window of our browser. One page could be several meters long but when we print, the printing software takes care of distributing the information on paper.

Personalized graphics:
Personalized graphics are those that have been treated, modified or created for a particular use.

PHP is a popular language for scripting and interpretation distributed as open source and normally is used on the Linux platform.

These initials stand for “Post Office Protocol”, version 3. This protocol allows your mail client to retrieve your messages from the mail server.

A scanner is an electronic device that digitalizes photographs, art or text for posterior use in a design or layout program. It is the way we convert hardcopy into an image for your computer screen.

Scans are the files produced by the scanner.

A server is a computer whose main (or only) job is to 'serve' or respond to requests for information.

A SHell is one of several command line interfaces used on Unix machines.

Text content:
Textual content is the text used in your web pages in order to express an idea or a message or describe a product.

These initials mean “Unified Resource Locator”. It is your Internet address such as http://www.aguere.com. It is in some ways very similar to your home address or your telephone number.

Webmail is different from email in the way that you retrieve your messages. Instead of using an email program (client) such as Outlook Express or Eudora, you use a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. This means that you can retrieve your messages from any computer with a browser and an Internet connection.

Web Hosting:
Web Hosting is the service of maintaining files such as web pages, on a server that is equipped with a fast and stable connection to the Internet and serves as a data transfer point. It is commonly referred to as the server where I have my web site.

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